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Sidewiki : an Internet tsunami ? par Référenceur 30 septembre 2009
(Traduction française à la fin / French translation at the end)

Before to get on the serious heavy points, I would like to submit my Sidewiki Wish List, so it would be nice to :
  1. Have a sidewiki reader imposed by default in browsers, because now you have to Watch out for invisible sidewikis ... looking at the Firefox sidewiki options I can see a horrible by default properties, which is called : "Only show Sidewiki entries in my browser language" This means basically that you could theoretically have hundred messages on the side of your website and not even knowing about it, meanwhile being a sidewiki writer! Amazing, but even it's of course even more likely for people to ignore sidewikis comments about their website if they haven't installed the Google bar! So I really think that new browser versions should have a sidewiki reader automatically included! So nobody is excluded from may be important information concerning their websites. This is especially a source of concerned for internationally minded people who mix languages easily, with websites and browser configurations.
  2. Allow surfing with an automatic opening of the sidewikis when some comments are present so saving both clicks and visual attention. This feature could be configurable so the browser user can chose between a permanently open and an open by click configuration.
  3. Have emoticons and a few basic list of editing tools (bold, underline, lists etc)
  4. (Done!) Have direct hyperlinks with negative weighting or restriction for those who exaggerate. Actually straigh Html is ok, did not see it, but it does not work with the & sign!
  5. For profiles, to allow an upload of images not just from Picassa and similar systems, but directly from ones PC could be more practical, especially when you don't have Picassa.
  6. Get some weighting facilities : it seems that X cannot judge itself which is ok, but at the beginning X cannot even see if his/her article got points or not (no points = no display) this is hitting hard on the average geek curiosity who is likely to create itself another account just to see how it looks from the outside, basically wasting energy on both sides : geeks and Google.
Are sidewikis the equivalent of an Internet tsunami ? Your faithfully thinks so, but rather positively, here are the reasons why :
  • Never before it has been so easy to comment on other people work, virtual publications and real achievements.
  • Never before so many people and companies have been concerned, often at crucially important places where they advertise and do some business.
  • As a freelancer, a company manager or whoever, I can easily do a few calculated comments on anybody website to expect some returning traffic on mine, but let's see how? Straight forward criticizing is a lost war, because customers interpret firstly that sort of action as a self confession of weakness! So what could you do? I think praising some non threatening qualities and set subtly your own complementarities forward could be rewarding, and even lead toward some long term cooperations
  • If we transpose sidewikis in the real material world, it's a bit like the authorization to tag everything as a way to add complementary information, which is as far as I am concerned very interesting! I would love to add my own opinion on a few of these huge advertising panels . Ok Let's project ourself in the near future, now we got Google Street and Google Sidewiki what happens if you combine both? You can tag virtually anythings! Here we are! And with some wearable technology you can tag the world as you like and all that perfectly legally!

What's the likely short, average and long term reactions ?
  • As a keyboard aficionado I really like the sidewikis because they give me a lot of things to think and write about, and I can see that it gives some really interesting opportunities.
  • Are some people or companies going to become utterly upset about this new communication miracle ? We could certainly find some! Probably just got to wait a few weeks until this technology gets a bit further than the geeks circle.
  • Are the big players of the field likely to get some sort of privileges such as a personal manipulation of the filters, to only allow positive comments!
  • What about going for a big political row on the website of the political party I dislike the most (if there is one of course).
  • Could Google sell some keys for the personal manipulation of the moderation filters? I hope not, it would be too visible anyway, therefore public sponsorships of comments maybe like a confessions of wrong doing.
  • Is Google going to be able to resist to the pressure that is going to be built on its tools for standard use and lateral actions (for example legal actions)?
Is it all worth it? I mean is the sidewiki implementation going to be positive for most people or negative and is it necessary to spend many hours on this topic? As far as I am concerned, the positive side is for now largely dominant because I like many sort of writing situations and I really like extrapolation in the future. Also independently of the "tsunamy" title, it seems that the future looks quite good in the computing sidewiki "game", so, for now it's a real pleasure to have written these few pages, even if it's anyhow quite time consuming.

So many questions, but the good things are that answers are coming in a very close future, we may be coming toward a sort of Google singularity point that will have many surprising effects!

Traduction et petite explication : Désolé pour les lecteurs strictement francophones pour le début strictement anglophone, mais le sujet et le fait que l'action se déroule pour le moment principalement sur des pages anglophones en vaut la peine! Plus précisemment j'ai besoins d'ettayer certaines idées en anglais avec ce blog forum pour ensuite faire une publication qui aie un maximum d'effet!

... la traduction est attendue prochainement!
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